Baskaran Aruchunan
Baskaran Aruchunan

Managing Partner

  • Bachelors Degree in Law (Hons), University of London
  • Certificate In Legal Practice (C.L.P.), University Malaya
  • AdvocateĀ & SolicitorĀ of the High Court of Malaya
  • 16 Years in active Practice

Mr. Baskaran commenced his journey in the legal field by achieving a significant milestone obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Law (Hons) from the University of London in 2005.

In 2007, Mr. Baskaran further solidified his qualifications by acquiring his Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP), demonstrating his commitment to achieving the highest standards in the legal profession.

His pupillage, a crucial step in legal education, took place under the tutelage of the learned Master Datuk Narayanan Chandran, within the chambers of Messrs. Albar & Partners, a prestigious legal firm specializing in litigation and banking business. This invaluable experience in 2007 laid the foundation for his expertise in these domains.

From 2009 to 2015, Mr. Baskaran served as a Legal Associate at Azam Lim & Pang, where he handled a diverse range of legal matters. His practice extended to civil litigation, insurance law, family law, corporate law, law of contract, banking law, and land law. His versatility in handling these areas showcased his breadth of legal knowledge and skill.

In 2015, driven by his dedication and commitment to the legal profession, Mr. Baskaran took a significant step by establishing his own firm, A.Baskaran & Co. Through his unwavering dedication, this firm has now evolved into a partnership known as Messrs. Aqielah, Baskaran & Co, a testament to his leadership and legal expertise.

Currently, Mr. Baskaran holds the position of Managing Partner at Messrs. Aqielah, Baskaran & Co. His inspiring leadership has left a lasting impact on the lawyers who have chambered and worked alongside with him. He is renowned for his passion for advocacy skills, a commitment that he brings to every case and client he represents.

Mr. Baskaran’s dedication to his clients and his unwavering commitment to the practice of law make him a respected and esteemed figure in the legal community. His career embodies a lifelong pursuit of excellence in the legal field, ensuring that his clients receive the highest level of legal representation.